[PROMOTION] But 2 Get 10% Off / Buy 3 Get 15% Off (ends 2017/5/30)

From May 25th through 30th, 2017, buying any two items will get 10% off discount; buying three or more items will get 15% off discount.

* The discount will NOT be extended to S/H fee

* The promotion will not be applied to FREE SHIPPING items category.


3 Responses to [PROMOTION] But 2 Get 103 Off / Buy 3 Get 153 Off (ends 2017/5/30)

  1. John Harald says:

    Hi all.
    It could be me, but I find it very difficult to navigate in Your sites, these days. If I search some artist name I get thrown around to some sites I can`t understand how to get the information I want. If I og to Pop/Rock I end up With some AOR stuff which is not what I am looking for. Am I doing something wrong here?

    With Kind regards
    John Harald.
    By the way; The Steely Dan – Gaucho I recieved yesterday the Whole pacage is just wonderful!

    • CDBANQ.com says:

      Thanks for your email. This page is our news site which is independant from our shopping site. If you would like to search the product, please always go out our main site at http://www.cdbanq.com

      In here, you can only find static information such as promotional news or new releases information. Thanks!

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